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Cockatoo Bird and Grapes
Pocket Wall Vase
(Dugan-Diamond Glass Co. ~ 1927)

SCARCE Marigold Carnival Glass Wall Vase
Approximate Dimensions:
" (Tall) x 7" (Wide at Rim) x 2" (Depth at Rim)

Purportedly M
ade by the
Dugan-Diamond Glass Company
Indiana, Pennsylvania

circa 1927

This is a very scarce, if not rare, marigold carnival glass wall pocket vase featuring a bird (cockatoo) and grapes pattern.

Various carnival glass sites attribute this piece to the Dugan Diamond Glass Company of Indiana, Pennsylvania based, in part, on a 1927 advertisement for this wall pocket in a Butler trade journal.

Condition:  This piece is in very good/excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or restorations save for a tiny flea bite nip on the inside back rim (please see photo directly below).  Certainly no big whoop.

There are, of course, the usual manufacturing facets to point out, e.g., the internal air bubbles and the straw marks (shearing tool marks), all commonly associated with the hand manufacturing of old opalescent, carnival, and EAPG.  No two pieces of old carnival glass are exactly alike.


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Dugan-Diamond Cocatoo Bird and Grapes Marigold Wall Pocket Vase ~ 1927

Dugan-Diamond Cocatoo Bird and Grapes Marigold Wall Pocket Vase ~ 1927

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