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{Photo taken outdoors with no flash.  More photos below.}

Dugan Glass
Indiana, Pennsylvania

God And Home
Blue Carnival Glass Tumbler

Approximate Dimensions:

4.25" (High)
2.75" (Rim Diameter)
2.375" (Base Diameter)
circa 1910
Source: Heacock, William, James Measell, and Berry Wiggins (1993), Dugan/Diamond: The Story of Indiana, Pennsylvania, Glass. Antique Publication: Marietta, Ohio.

This is a really nice God and Home blue carnival glass (iridized) tumbler made by the Dugan Glass Company, ca 1910.  One side of the tumbler says "God bless our home," while the other side says "In God we trust." 

{Photo taken outdoors, no flash.}

{Photo taken outdoors, no flash}

Very, Very Brief Background on Northwood & Dugan.  Thomas Dugan and his cousin, Harry C. Northwood, started out in the 1880s as employees at the Hobbs-Brockunier Glass firm in Wheeling, West Virginia.  Eventually, Harry would form the Northwood Glass Company of Wheeling, West Virginia and Thomas would form the Dugan Glass Company of Indiana, Pennsylvania.  Both companies were kingpins of the carnival and opalescent glass market in the early 1900's.  Trading, swapping, or "borrowing" one another's glass moulds has been speculated.  Northwood closed its doors about 1925, while Dugan stopped producing iridized glass about 1912 and shut down altogether in the early 1920s.

  This tumbler has no chips or chiggers or rough spots on the rim, although there is some iridescence wear.  The rim is very smooth.  On the base of the tumbler there is what appears to be a small burst (please see close-up photo directly below).

{Small burst? on the base of the tumbler.}
{Iridescence wear/loss on exterior rim; no chips.}

All in all, the iridescence is good with little loss on the high points.

{Photo taken outdoors with no flash.}

{Photo taken outdoors with no flash.}

This item has the usual minor "straw marks" (shearing tool marks) and internal air bubbles commonly associated with, and expected, from the hand manufacturing of old EAPG, carnival, and opalescent glass from the turn of the 20th century.

This is a great example of classic Dugan glass. It would go well with any collection of old EAPG, carnival and opalescent glass, e.g., Northwood, Jefferson, Fenton, Imperial, Millersburg, Westmoreland, Brockwitz, Sowerby, and others.

... a really, really, nice find!

{Photo taken indoors with no flash.}

{Photo taken outdoors, no flash}
Dugan "God and Home" Blue Carnival Glass Tumbler, circa 1910

{Photo taken indoors, no flash}
Dugan "God and Home" Blue Carnival Glass Tumbler, circa 1910

{Sold by DesertGold in 2016, $136}