Oliver No. 5
Olive Green Typewriter

Serial No. 243825

Approximate Dimensions:
15 inches wide
14 inches deep
12 inches tall

ca approx. 1912

This Oiver No. 5 is a very classic typewriter from the early 1900s. The serial number is 243825, dating the machine to approximately 1912. The last patent date on the front of the machine is 1906.

Condition: This typewriter is being sold "AS IS." Please review all photos for a detailed look.

The decals and lettering on the machine are all in very good condition with only light wear.

Each of the keys has a cap that pops over the top. The caps for the Q, Z, Tab, and Cap keys are missing. The rest of letters are in pretty good condition. The keys do work when depressed, with the exception of the Z key, which sticks. It looks as if it needs to be straightened out.

The machine does have a ribbon, but it really needs replacing. The space bar is broken and has been glued back together.

The olive green finish is in good condition with some scuff marks mostly on the corners. The metal parts, including the keys, have some corrosion and signs of rust (see photos).

The carriage does move smoothly when the Tab key is depressed. The cable that moves the carriage is still in tact. The bell rings at the end of each line. The typewriter is missing two of its feet.

This typewriter definitely needs a good cleaning and oiling.

Sold by DesertGold_US, 2016, $75