Burroughs Electric Carriage Return Typewriter

Made by the
Burroughs Adding Machine Company
Detroit, Michigan

Serial No. 545314

ca 1930s

Approximate Dimensions:
10 3/4 inches wide (w/o carriage)
14 1/4 inches (platen)
13 1/2 inches deep
9 inches tall

This antique typewriter was made by the Burroughs Adding Machine Company. Burroughs began producing its electric typewriter in 1932. The serial number 545314 is on a plate inside the back cover (see photo).

The carriage is quite wide on this model. The platen measures 14 1/4 inches with the entire carriage being somewhat wider than this.

I have not tried to clean the typewriter other than to dust it before taking pictures.

Condition: All typewriter keys are present with no missing or cracked glass, and the lettering is still quite clear and sharp. The carriage return operates perfectly when the machine is plugged in. The keys move freely with the exception of the "Y" and "C" keys. The "Y" key is stuck in an upright position near the platen. The "C" key is also stuck. A photo of the keyboard shows these two keys somewhat out of alignment. A photo of the bottom of the typewriter shows that the springs for these two keys are slightly stretched.

All of the decals are in excellent condition and look almost new.

The cord is very old and worn, especially near the typewriter base where it is attached. It really needs to be replaced for safety reasons.

I do not have a ribbon for the typewriter but the take-up spool is still there. The metal parts are virtually rust free.

The machine's original paint is in very good condition for the age of the typwriter; most of it is quite bright and shiny. There are two streaks on the right front. The machine needs a thorough cleaning and oiling.

Sold by DesertGold_US, 2015 ($100)