Vintage Consul
Portable Typewriter
with Case

Made in Czechoslovakia

ca early 1960s

Approximate Dimensions:
12 inches deep
11 3/4 inches wide
2 3/4 inches tall

This vintage typewriter was made in Czechoslovakia. It is greyish-green and comes with a beige cloth case. The typewriter works and has a ribbon, but the ribbon needs to be replaced. The machine comes with two keys for the case and a receipt from the IRS dated March 1961.

Condition: The entire typewriter needs a good cleaning and oiling. The keys work fine with little jamming; I'm sure a good oiling would help fix that. The left margin stop doesn't seem to hold. The shift, space bar, and carriage return all work fine. The platen is in very good condition.

The machine doesn't have any rust spots, and the chrome is still quite bright and shiny.

The paint is in very good condition with a few minor chips around the space bar. Many of the keys are worn and a bit discolored probably from use (see photo). The typewriter has been stored in its case, which has kept it quite clean, even though the zipper on the case no longer works. The handle on the case is missing but the closure on the case does latch making it easy to move around.

Sold by DesertGold, 2016 ($60)