Remington #2
Portable Folding Keyboard Typewriter
with Original Case

Serial No. V118860

Approximate Dimensions (case):
11 inches wide
11 1/2 inches deep
5 inches tall

ca 1928

This Remington portable typewriter is a nice compact size and is in excellent working condition. The case measures 11" x 11 1/2" by 4" with the typewriter inside being slightly smaller. The serial number indicates the machine was manufactured in 1928. The one-year warranty is still inside the case!

Unlike many vintage typewriters, this one is still perfectly suited for use!

Condition: This typewriter is in excellent vintage condition. It is in very good working condition--no keys jam and the carriage return, space bar, etc., work perfectly. The glass keys are in beautiful, glossy, clear condition. The paint is great condition for the age of the machine, with no chips or missing paint. The metal and chrome parts are all in excellent condition. I see no signs of rust or corrosion.

The typewriter is probably in such nice condition because it's been stored in its case. The case has minor wear but no rips or tears. The case no longer has a key, but the clasp does keep the case closed. I was unable to inspect the bottom of the typewriter because it is anchored securely onto the bottom of the case. The case, which still has its original strap, has done a fine job of protecting the machine over many years and continues to do so.

Sold by DesertGold_US, 2016 ($150)