Royal Quiet De Luxe Blue Typewriter
Serial No. AB3244190
ca 1956

Approximate Dimensions:
14 inches deep
15 inches wide
6 1/2 inches high

This vintage Royal Quiet De Luxe portable typewriter has a pretty light blue finish. The serial number indicates the typewriter was manufactured in 1956.

Condition: This is a very clean machine with no signs of rust or corrosion. It is in good working order. The space bar, margins, carriage, and bell all work as required. The paint is in excellent condition with just a few minor scratches: top corner of left side; above tab key and backspace keys; left of right platen knob; and below the space bar (please see photos). There are some yellow specks on the back to the right of the Royal decal. The machine types perfectly when in the red ink (lower) ribbon position, but the ribbon vibrator doesn't lower when in the black ink (upper) position, something I'm sure a simple adjustment will fix. The typewriter comes with its original case. The latch on the case closes but does not latch securely. The typewriter does need a new ribbon and a good cleaning and oiling.