Royal Quiet DeLuxe
Portable Standard Typewriter
with "D" Shaped Glass Keys

Serial No. A-1522963

Approximate Dimensions (case):
12 1/2 inches wide
12 inches deep
6 inches tall

ca 1931

This Royal Quiet De Luxe standard portable typewriter is a nice compact size. The typewriter is two toned--black with gray accents. It comes with its original manual and a key for the case. The original brush for cleaning the keys is tucked into a clip in the top of the case. The case measures 12 1/2" x 12" by 6" with the typewriter inside being slightly smaller. The serial number is A-1522963 indicating the machine was manufactured in 1931. The typewriter was working, but the carriage strap broke and needs to be repaired to restore the typewriter to working order.

Condition: This typewriter is in very good used condition.

The D-shaped glass keys are all present and in excellent condition with no missing letters, no cracks in the glass, and no discoloration. The keys operate with no jamming; however, the carriage strap is broken (see photos) so the carriage won't move when keys are depressed. The platen is in excellent condition and turns easily. The ribbon is included but could stand replacement.

The finish on the typewriter shows no signs of wear, chips, scratches, or missing paint--near perfect condition! The chrome is in very good condition with no signs of rust or corrosion. The "Royal" and "De Luxe" lettering on the typewriter is in perfect condition. The typewriter still has all its feet.

The case comes with a key and is in excellent condition for its age with only a few minor scuffs. The lock closes and latches properly. The typewriter locks easily into place in the case. The case has done a fine job of protecting the machine over many years and continues to do so.

Sold by DesertGold_US, 2018 ($80)