Smith Corona (JC Penney)
Electric Portable
Elite Style
Cartridge RibbonTypewriter
12-inch Carriage
Series P6LC
Serial # P6LC114475M
Original Hard Plastic
Carrying Case

~~Great Condition~~

Approximate Dimensions (including case):
17.5 inches wide
14 inches deep
6.75 inches high

This is a 1970s electric portable typewriter made by Smith Corona for J.C. Penney.  It uses ribbon cartridges which can be purchased online on Ebay, Amazon, and elsewhere. Please note that no new ribbon cartridge is included with this machine.  However, a dry ribbon cartridge is included just for informational purposes. 

This typewriter is in very good condition and functions perfectly.  I purchased it for my own use in the mid 1970s and used it until about 1981 when I purchased a personal computer (an Osborne).  The typewriter has been in storage ever since then.  The machine received routine maintenance service by IBM technicians in Chatsworth, California about 1979 (see photo of the IBM maintenance sticker on the machine). 

Cosmetically, there is little bit of old white-out correction on the plastic viewer and on the left side of the machine near the platen (please see photos).  These are minor cosmetic issues and can probably be cleaned up easily.

The typewriter case is a very hard shell brown plastic in great condition but with a bit of oxidation on the metal latches and hinges, which is common for vintage cases.  The original key for the case is missing.

There is no manual included.

Insert a new ribbon cartridge and off you go! 


{Sold by DesertGold, 2021, $25}