Underwood No. 5 Typewriter

Made by the
Underwood Typewriter Company
New York

Serial No. 2033702-5

ca 1925

Approximate Dimensions:
15 1/2 inches wide
12 1/2 inches deep
11 inches tall

This antique typewriter was made by the Underwood Typewriter Company and is in good working order. The typewriter comes with a ribbon, and all keys work properly. This is a very solid machine with all glass keys. The serial number indicates this particular machine was made in 1925.

I have not tried to clean the typewriter other than to dust it before taking pictures. It is quite clean but could use a thorough cleaning. Someone appears to have oiled the machine.

Condition: All typewriter keys are present with no missing glass. The glass on the shift lock key is cracked, and the e, r, q, and z keys have a bit of discoloration. The platen is in excellent condition and shows no wear. The shift-lock key works as it should.

The ruler along the top is in excellent condition. All four rubber feet are still there.

Most of the decals are in excellent condition and look almost new. The name "Underwood" just under the keys is very sharp and still has the pin striping around it. The decal on the top left has a vertical line through it. Along the base of the front of the machine, I can see what's left of the Underwood name.

The paint on the machine is in good overall condition with only a few minor spots of wear. The metal parts are in good condition for their age but have a bit of wear and corrosion/rust that need some TLC.

The paper bail on the right has a crack in it (see photo).

The machine is a 90-year-old and in need of a thorough cleaning and oiling.

This typewriter is in excellent condition for its age. I think someone who knows what they are doing would be able to restore this machine.

Sold by DesertGold_US, 2015 ($175)