Underwood Standard Portable
3 Bank Ty

Approximate Dimensions (case):
12 inches wide
9 1/2 inches deep
5 inches tall

ca early 1920s

This Underwood standard portable typewriter made by the Underwood Typewriting Company is a nice compact size. The case measures 12" x 9 1/2" by 5" with the typewriter inside being slightly less. I can't find the serial number, but the last patent date on the back of the typewriter is dated February 1922, so I know this machine was probably made a short while after this date.

Condition: This typewriter is in very good antique condition. I'm selling it in As Is condition. The lettering and decals are in good condtion, with only a few letters missing. All the keys are present with no cracked or missing glass.

The keys operate with very little jamming and make an impression on the paper when they are depressed. The carriage won't move along as I'm typing, although I am able to move the carriage manually.

The platen is in excellent condition and turns easily. The ribbon is included but could stand replacement. Paint is in very good condition with only minor spots of missing paint. The chrome is in very good condition with no signs of rust but needs polishing.

The case shows wear from age; however, it does close and latch properly. It is missing the handle and a couple of feet on the bottom. It is still in very usable condition and has obviously protected the typewriter over the years.

Sold by DesertGold_US, 2016 ($100)