Underwood Wood-Look Portable Typewriter
with Case
Serial No. 537839
ca 1930

Approximate Dimensions (Case):
5 1/2 inches high
12 inches wide
12 inches deep

This vintage Underwood portable typewriter is a nice compact size and is in good working condition. The serial number is 537839 indicating the machine was manufactured in 1930. The typewriter is a rust-brown color and has wood grain accents.

Condition: The typewriter is in very good used vintage condition. All the glass keys are present with no missing letters or cracks, but they need cleaning. The keys all work (see sample) with virtually no sticking. The platen is in excellent condition and turns easily, and the space bar works properly. The carriage works but tends to slip. Interesting, it does not slip when the paper bail is pulled forward, so there is probably an adjustment that needs to be made. The ribbon is included but could stand replacement.

The paint is in remarkably good condition with only a few scuffs and tiny pin-size nicks (see photos). The lettering on the front and back is in excellent condition, while the lettering above the platen is missing part of a couple of letters.  The case is in very good condition for its age. The handle is still in one piece, and the case closes and latches properly. The case has done its job of protecting the typewriter over all these years!