Woodstock Model 5 Typewriter


Made by the
Woodstock Typewriter Company

Serial No. N484402

ca 1937

Approximate Dimensions:
15 1/2 inches wide
14 inches deep
9 inches tall

This antique typewriter was made by the Woodstock Typewriter Company. The serial number indicates the machine was made in 1937.

I have not tried to clean the typewriter other than to dust it before taking pictures, but it needs a thorough cleaning.

Condition: This typewriter is in good vintage condition. It is very heavy! All keys are present and seem to move freely. The lettering on the keys is a bit discolored, possibly from water or cleaning (these are not glass keys). The spacebar does not work, so the carriage does not advance when typing. However, the carriage moves easily when using the carriage release lever. The platen is in excellent condition, turns freely, and shows no wear. I don't have a ribbon for the machine and have been unable to test the machine thoroughly.

Someone has apparently painted the black portions of the typewriter, but not the paper holder and the back portion, both of which have the name "Woodstock" on them. The paint job was done quite well so it's hard to tell the new paint from the old, except that the new is less glossy.

The typewriter has a slight bit of rust in spots. However, most of the chrome is quite bright and shiny and just needs a good cleaning!

Sold by DesertGold, 2019 ($90)