Remington Rand 5
Portable Typewriter

Approximate Dimensions (w/o case):
12 inches wide
11 inches deep
4 1/4 inches tall

This Remington 5 portable typewriter made by the Remington Rand Company has an art deco style and is in great working condition.

Condition: Overall, I'd say this typewriter is in very good antique condtion. It does have scratches to the finish on the top left and right sides (see photos). The typewriter keys themselves are really beautiful! They are all present and in perfect working condition. Three keys are red--the Shift-Lock, Backspace, and Self-Starter (??) keys.

The carriage works well; the platen is in excellent condtion. The ribbon is there but could stand replacement. The case has obviously protected the typewriter over the years. The case is in very good condtion for its age; the covering has split and the handle shows wear (see photos). The decals are in excellent condtion.

Sold by DesertGold, 2015 {$160}