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Remember Pearl Harbor,
On to Victory!

Vintage Collector's Plate
Approximately 10½" Diameter
Vernon Kilns Ultra Rim Edge Form
Maroon on White/Cream Background

Signed Under Glaze by:

Margaret Pearson Joyner

Renowned Vernon Kilns Artist

Made by
Vernon Kilns
California Pottery

Los Angeles
ca. 1941

This is a beautiful, historic, vintage (circa 1941) decorative collector's plate from Vernon Kilns California Pottery.

This plate depicts a variety of horrifying scenes from the attack on Pearl Harbor: U.S. battleships (including the U.S.S. Arizona) ablaze and sinking, Japanese Kamikaze dive bombers attacking, sailors jumping into the water and swimming, and a proudly defiant sailor shaking his fist at the attackers (please see photos below).

This plate is pictured on p. 95 of Maxine Feeck Nelson's Collectible Vernon Kilns, Second Edition (2004).

About Vernon Kilns. Vernon Kilns made collectors plates for hundreds of cities and states in the United States, some organizations and institutions, and some for foreign cities and countries. Vernon Kilns closed its doors permanently in the early 1950s.

According to Bill Stern (2001), Vernon Kilns was one of the well known "Big Five" of the Southern California Pottery group (p. 42, California Pottery: From Missions to Modernism). Please see Maxine Feek Nelson's Collectible Vernon Kilns: Identification and Value Guide for more information about Vernon Kilns California Pottery.
The back of the plate is inscribed under glaze with the wording:

The vintage transfer plate has the Vernon Kilns "Ultra"-style rim featuring battleships, fighter planes, the Statue of Liberty, banners, and the like.


Condition.  The plate is in excellent conditon with no chips, cracks, or restorations. 

Sold by DesertGold.US, 2013 ($45)

Sold by DesertGold.US, 2013 ($45)

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