(Photo taken outdoors with no flash.  More photos below.)

Classic Northwood Glass
Verre d'Or
{"Glass of Gold"}
Ribbons and Overlapping Squares

{8-pointed star}
Cobalt Blue Comport
Octagonal Stemmed Base

Approximate Dimensions:
3 3/8"(Height)
6 3/8" (Diameter)
3 3/8" (Octagonal Base)

Made by
Harry C. Northwood Glass Company
Wheeling, West Virginia
ca 1906

Source:  Heacock, William, James Measell, & Berry Wiggins (1991), Harry Northwood: The Wheeling Years 1901-1925.  Antique Publications: Marietta, OH, pp. 35-40.

This wonderful, antique "Verre d'Or Ribbons and Overlapping Squares" cobalt blue glass compote was made by the Northwood Glass Company about 1906. 

Northwood introduced the Verre d'Or ("Glass of Gold") about one year prior to its hugely successful carnival glass.  Production of Verre d'Or was limited to about one or two years.

The stippled Ribbons and Overlapping Squares (8-pointed star) pattern is raised and painted in gold.  The edge of the octagonal base is also trimmed in stippled gold.

Condition.  This compote is in very good condition, with no chips, cracks or restorations. 
There is some gold paint loss as would be expected, mostly around the rim exterior, but all in all, the compote is really pretty and a very good find.

(Photo taken outdoors with no flash.)

(Photo taken outdoors with no flash.)

(Photo taken indoors with no flash.)

(Photo taken indoors with no flash.)

... would look great alongside any Northwood, Dugan, Jefferson,  Millersburg, Fenton, Westmoreland, Riihimaki, Sowerby, Brockwitz, Cambridge, Fostoria, Imperial, or other antique glass from the makers of fine opalescent, carnival glass, and EAPG.