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{Photo taken outdoors with no flash. Natural daylight reflections on vase.  More photos below.}

Royal Doulton Stoneware
Antique Art Nouveau Vase

Raised Swag and Drape Pattern
Rich Cobalt Blue Rim
Tan with Blue Green Touches

Made by
Royal Doulton, England
Walter Gandy

Approximate Dimensions:

7.25" (6.99 cm)Tall
2" (5.08 cm) Upper Rim Diameter
4.13" (10.48 cm) Base Diameter

This elegant antique vase features a classic Art Noveau pattern of a well-appointed swag, drape, and flower on a swirling cloud-like tan background, all brilliantly topped by a dark cobalt blue upper rim.

The bottom of the vase has several markings, including the Lion and Crown Royal Doulton mark of 1902-1922, as well as the number "6673", a flip-mirrored double "f", the lettering "BBo"(?), and a rather faint inscription which appears to be "WG" for the artist Walter Gandy (please see close-up photos below).

{Lion & Crown Royal Doulton Mark of 1902-1922}

[photo digitally enhanced to better see the lettering]
{"WG" inscription of Artist Walter Gandy?}

Condition.  This vase is in very good condition.  There is a very minor glaze fleck on the base, not a chip, just a fleck of missing glaze (please see close-up photo directly below).

{Fleck of Glaze Missing on the Base of the Vase--Not a Chip}

The Glaze and Colourings on this Vase are Second to None!

{Side A:  Photo taken outdoors with no flash;
reflecting light images on vase.}

{Side B:  Photo taken outdoors with no flash;
reflecting light images on vase.}

{Photo taken indoors with no flash.}

{Sold by DesertGold_US for $250, 2015 }