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Vernon, California (1912-1958)
Vernon Kilns Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty, Multi-Color, Artist: Paul L. Davidson (NFS)
Rockwell Kent Our America Coffee Rockwell Kent, Our America, Coffee {sold by DesertGold to MoMA, 2006, $736}
Vernon Kilns Moby Dick PlateRockwell Kent, Moby Dick, Preproduction Dinner {sold by DesertGold, 2014, $32}
Vernon Kilns Moby Dick Plate Gale Turnbull, 1930s Windjammer bowl from the Whaling Service series, 13" diameter, 3.5" high, 5" base diameter, Montecito form.  {Acquired by DesertGold, October, 2022, Inv#SF22-10-001}
Pearl Harbor, Maroon on Cream, Ultra Rim, Artist: Margaret Pearson {sold by DesertGold, 2013, $45}
Bird, artist unknown, bowl #134 (see p. 76 of Maxine Feek Nelson), was at one time presumed to be part of the Disney series. {Acquired by DesertGold October, 2022.}
Vernon Kilns Tureenette ultra blueUltra Blue TUREENETTE {very scarce form and size; NFS, DesertGold, 2015}